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Historic Milford Association

There was no other place for RRT to start our story; Milford was to be our home without question. Owners Joe and Emily are Milford residents, Joe being born and raised here. Nature Outfitters, our predecessor, had a home here for about 20 years before us. The downtown area is special, hosting unique shops, restaurants, and a very unique position as a trail junction. We wanted to have a positive impact on the city, its economic development, and its image and reputation across the tri-state.

The Historic Milford Association is a not-for-profit that helps the small businesses in Historic Milford unite and showcase themselves. The association fights to protect business owners’ interests with local government and allows for a stronger, singular voice as a collective. HMA focuses on marketing the downtown area, including several festivals and events every year like Hometown Holidays and the Longstone Street Festival.

Both Emily and Bryan have held board positions since becoming members in 2010. Emily took on a larger role and expanded responsibilities, acting as the Longstone chair for both 2013 and 2014. Emily then moved to the position of treasurer through 2017. Today, Emily helps push social media and website content. All of these responsibilities are of course done as an unpaid volunteer to benefit the city in which we operate. In 2016, RRT was officially recognized by the Milford Miami Chamber of Commerce with an award for outstanding achievement within the community in Environment and Education.

Together with HMA, we hope to build the historic area of Milford to be an ever-growing and beautiful place to eat, shop, and play. For more information on the Historic Milford Association, please visit the HMA website below. For more information on the “Trail Junction” and Milford as a trail town please read the RRT blog by clicking the link below.

Historic Milford Association

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