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Appalachian Trail

Springer Fever

May 25, 2023 / Bryan Wolf / Appalachian Trail, Backpacking, Thru-Hiking

The main side effect of Springer Fever is the overwhelming desire to hike the Appalachian Trail and most often a specific draw to Springer Mountain in Georgia. The draw to this one specific mountain is currently undetermined as it is hardly noteworthy. As the fever takes hold, individuals begin to look unkempt, have an uncontrollable stench, walk long distances without awareness of their surroundings, and have an increased appetite that is seemingly unending.

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The Big Three on the AT

September 6, 2022 / Dalton Spurlin / Appalachian Trail, Gear Guide

When backpacking, whether it be one night or one hundred, the Big Three can make or break your trip. The big three entails a hiker’s tent, sleep system (sleeping bag and pad), and their backpack. Here is a brief rundown of the Big Three for my 2022 Southbound (SOBO) thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.

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The Appalachian Trail teaches many lessons which are applicable well beyond the trail.

From Goatman to Fathermule: 5 Lessons from the Appalachian Trail for (New) Dads

June 18, 2022 / Craig Buckley / Appalachian Trail, Outdoor Education

Join me as we explore how my experiences on long distance hikes have prepared me for the journey of fatherhood.

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A Shelter on the Appalachian Trail

My Idea to Thru-Hike the Appalachian Trail

May 30, 2022 / Dalton Spurlin / Appalachian Trail, RRT Outdoor Adventures

The idea to establish the Appalachian Trail was formulated in 1921. My idea to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail was in 2018, a brief 97 years later. 

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10 Things I Would Do Differently For My Appalachian Trail Thru Hike

December 11, 2018 / Bryan Wolf / Appalachian Trail, Local Explorers

I’m so happy with how my trip turned out and I wouldn’t do most things differently because what I did worked for me. Hopefully though, with my guide, someone who is thinking about thru hiking the Appalachian Trail will consider heeding my advice and learning from some of the mistakes I made along the way.

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Reflection on a Thru-hike

October 10, 2017 / Will Babb / Appalachian Trail, Backpacking, Local Explorers, RRT Outdoor Adventures

I keep my eyes on the calendar, watching the days move by and watching October 11 creep closer and closer. A day that is inscribed in my memory just as much as any birthday or holiday, an occasion I can’t forget. When the calendar reaches October 11 this year, It will have been one year since I completed my northbound Appalachian Trail thru hike.

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The Story Behind the Names

August 24, 2017 / Bryan Wolf / Appalachian Trail, RRT Outdoor Adventures, Thru-Hiking

Popularized on the Appalachian Trail, and now adopted on many long distance trails, it is customary to be given a new name, a trail name. The reasons for this can be many, but put simply you take on a new identity from that you which previously possessed and are renamed.

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Return of the SLOBO: Fear is the Mind Killer

August 15, 2016 / Craig Buckley / Appalachian Trail, Backpacking, Local Explorers, RRT Outdoor Adventures

In less than a week, yours truly, Goatman, will step back onto the Appalachian Trail to finish the last 969 miles of a thru-hike that began in 2013 with a 1200+ mile trek. The time for planning, prepping, training, and ruminating is over. And good riddance. I know this may come as no surprise to […]

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Return of the SLOBO: You are the Mountain

March 23, 2016 / Craig Buckley / Appalachian Trail, Backpacking, Local Explorers, RRT Outdoor Adventures

Read the first article in the Return of the SLOBO series, 799 Zero Days Later “Whatcha wanna do today? Go on a hike? I know this great trail.” We would joke like this in the morning as I filtered water from a stream and Jubilee broke down our tent. And sometimes it was funny. Sometimes […]

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